Biomass Boiler In A Box

Biomass Boiler In A Box - 22 September 2014  


Today, we took delivery of a new biomass boiler to supply heating to our factory and offices. To save factory space and save time in the installation process, our supplier, V G Energy pre-installed the boiler system into a custom-built container unit. This was then craned to the outside back of the factory, and will be fitted into the internal heating system in the factory and offices.

The image on the left shows the container being hoisted up for moving round the back of the factory.

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The container's been off-loaded from the low-loader, ready to be hoisted (below left), and the lift started (below right)

glenhead_biomass_boiler_01    glenhead_biomass_boiler_02

                   Nearly there                                                         ...and it's there.

glenhead_biomass_boiler_03    glenhead_biomass_boiler_04

Let's open the door and look inside. The  photo on the left shows one of the hot water reservoir tanks, whilst the shot to the right shows the ETA boiler with the biomass feed unit to its left. The tanks can be seen behind the boiler near the open door.

glenhead_biomass_boiler_05       glenhead_biomass_boiler_06

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