New Sodick AD35L Spark Erosion EDM

NEW SODICK AD35L UNCOVERED - 26 November 2013

Today our new Sodick AD35L spark erosion EDM was delivered. This joins our other Sodick, an AG600LH wire EDM, which we believe is the Sodick with the biggest bed size in Scotland.

Here is the AD35L on arrival, being commisssioned, and finally the brochure image:

glenhead_sodick_ad35l_spark_erosion  glenhead_sodick_ad35l_commissioning  sodick_ad35l

The AD35L uses the "latest CAE technologies and numerous simulations have made it possible to create an improved basic machine structure of optimised rib arrangements which increase rigidity by approximately 70%. Using the new AD35L machine deformation is minimised, allowing optimum performance at high-speed and rapid acceleration linear motors. Furthermore the original design of an independent X and Y-axis plus an efficient machine layout leads to a longer stroke, smaller footprint and highly accurate machining capability". The AD35L brochure is here.


 More details are in the AG600LH brochure here.

The AG600LH Wire Cut EDM "features linear motor drives on 4 axes to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability." The AG600LH is a precision machining solution that is ideal for medium to large sized medical, aerospace, energy related parts and die/molds that require close tolerances and fine surface finishes. The maximum workpiece dimensions are (in mm) 830W x 590D x 500H.

Standard features include Automatic tank door; a revolutionary design whereby the work tank retracts fully into the body of the unit, allowing easy machining of even larger work pieces. Sodick's new technology allows the best possible access to the machine and therefore immediate compatibility for automated production.

Sodick’s AG600LH linear motor axes drives are coupled with .4 millionths Heidenhain absolute glass scale feedback on the X, Y, U and V axes which ensures precision cutting and positioning accuracy.


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