We're Going Round The Bend

(last updated 13 June)

01 May - We acquired new premises as shown below, left. This is just round the corner behind our current factory, as shown on the Google satellite view below (right).

new_factory_view   new_factory_location 

This is a move from our existing 7,000ft2 (650m2) factory to the new 19,000ft2 (1740m2) factory. Our sister company, West Of Scotland Fabrication, will lease a separate section within the factory from us. Now we have the keys, and we're inside on day one - see below.


You can follow our progress below - just scroll down, or jump to the latest update of 13th June...

07 May - Modifications to factory interior under way.

By 7th May you can see that work on the wall frame for the fabrication section (to the left of the vans) and the inspection office (between vans on right) is under way. The floor is marked out for machine locations and other separate areas, such as the new canteen.

With the help of Scottish Enterprise's SMAS (Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service), the project plan for the move has been devised. We plan to move in stages, beginning the weekend of 16th May, and should complete the move by the beginning of June.


09 May - Fabrication wall and Inspection nearing completion.

The dividing wall for the Fabrication section is nearly complete...


...and the Inspection office has electrics fitted.


12 May - Fabrication section wall progress.

The dividing wall for the Fabrication section is complete on the outside...


...and the inside of the Fabrication section has the sound proofing fitted.


15 May - Fabrication wall completed and work begun on factory floor rooms.

The walls for the fabrication section are completed - here's a view from the inside...


The frame for the factory floor rooms has begun - this view is looking down towards the fabrication wall.


The factory floor rooms consist of canteen to the left, locker room and an office which includes first aid facilities.


16 May - Movement of manual section begins.

Although it's just around the corner, we're using a truck to move the machines from old to new factory - notice the machine just craned off the truck on the right...


...then pushed into its pre-allocated space.


The manual area is beginning to take shape.


19 May - Some production starts in new factory.

Over the weekend the manual area was tidied up so that machines were commissioned and tested. By today the machines are operational and some are already being used...


...looking to the left of the above is the remainder of the manual section.


Further up the factory, a couple of the Agie CNCs have been migrated and commissioning started. In the background, the factory floor rooms are progressing.


In the West of Scotland Fabrication section, production has also begun...


23 May - Most of CNC Section moved.

The manual section is now moved over and fully operational, ready for Monday...

Manual Section completed

...all CNC machines, apart from three, are now moved to the new factory and are being commissioned. All should be moved, and up and running by the end of the holiday weekend.

CNC Section being commissioned

Meanwhile back in the existing CNC section in the old factory, movement of the new Haas ST-40 is being planned and debated...

The Haas ST-40

26 May - CNC Section completely moved.

...it's Monday, and all CNC machines are now in the new factory. The last of the batch, four Haas machines, are shown below being commissioned, ready for work tomorrow after the holiday weekend...

Four Haas CNC Machines

Even although it's a Monday holiday, we can see some of our engineers are in production in the Manual section...

Glenhead Engineering Manual Machine Section

Back in the CNC section in the old factory extension, it's now earily empty of CNC kit...


30 May - All production now operational in new factory.

The CNC section has now been operational this week, and the various machines can be seen in the more spacious area in the background. The Inspection Room can be seen on the left of the image below...

Glenhead Engineering CNC for Precision

...and below is a view of the inside of the Inspection Room:-

Inside Glenhead Engineering Inspection Office

Now work has started refurbishing the existing offices/rooms in the new premises, as shown below.
Currently, the administration staff are still working from the existing offices in the old building round the corner. Therefore, any visitors should still go to the old offices meantime.

Refurbishing Glenhead Engineering Offices In Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

06 June - Offices and rooms fit-out continues.

The three rooms on the shop floor are now built and moving into the stages of internal fit-out...

Glenhead Engineering CNC for Precision

...and below is a view of the inside of the the new canteen (the door behind the scaffold in the photo above) having the plumbing and kitchen units fitted:-

Inside the new canteen

Below is the view of the factory through the wire-mesh safety glass of a window from the upper floor of the existing offices in the new factory. As we are still waiting for the telcoms to be re-routed from the old factory to the new factory, Admin cannot be moved from the old to the new offices, therefore these offices continue to be empty. Resultantly, any visitors should still go to reception in the old factory round the corner.

Refurbishing Glenhead Engineering Offices In Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

13 June - Admin moves.

The telecoms were reconnected from the old offices to the new offices today, so Admin, the last department to move, started moving today. Below, the old Admin office is getting packed up ready for moving...


...and below is one of the new offices with furniture and files already moved:-


The old Board/Meeting Room, is empty of the table and chairs...


... to its new destination round the corner...


As from Monday 16th June, the address will be 58 Beardmore Way instead of 60. The old factory will then be closed...


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